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Why vets rely on AniForte

"As a vet, I am enthusiastic about AniForte and their natural approach. Their high quality products and exemplary commitment to animal welfare completely convince me. I trust AniForte to promote the health and happiness of pets in a natural way."


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AniForte® - Your online store for pet supplies & natural pet food

AniForte® is your online pet supplies store. We specialize in keeping animals healthy and offer you high-quality products for daily care. In our range of pet supplies you will find pet food, supplementary feed for animals, care products and pet accessories. We always refer to nature as the most important supplier of valuable raw materials.

Our feed supplements for animals are developed according to traditional recipes. Gentle food for the sensitive gastrointestinal tract, salmon oil for a shiny coat or the right feed supplement for temporary joint problems - the AniForte® online store for pet supplies also has just the right product for your pet.

The quality of a product begins with the selection of the right raw material. Our AniForte® pet products are, as far as possible, of natural origin. This is because we attach great importance to high-quality natural pet food.

Safety and transparency are also very important to us. That is why we work exclusively with selected suppliers. We only use the best ingredients, which are produced in our in-house production facility in Brüggen in accordance with the highest German quality standards. We regularly check our product batches for harmful substances, heavy metals and possible contamination.

Sustainable thinking and action are a matter of course for the team at AniForte® and enjoy a high priority. That is why we are switching our packaging to environmentally friendly and recyclable alternatives - to strengthen and preserve natural resources.

Which animals can you buy from us?

In our pet supplies online store you will find a wide range of products for pets:

Our wide selection includes numerous pet products relating to dog food, feed supplements, parasite protection, dog accessories, etc. Find the right thing for your dog now in our dog supplies.

Cat owners will also find the right products for their pets in our pet store. Natural cat food, products for fur and skin or gentle Bach flower essences - our cat supplies offers you a large selection.

100% natural supplementary feed for horses, parasite repellents or gentle care products, with our horse supplies your animal is optimally cared for.

Chickens and rodents
Our AniForte® online store offers you and your pet high-quality chicken and rodent feed, natural feed supplements and effective parasite control products for mites and the like. natural products for small animals and chickens.

A balanced and species-appropriate diet is the basis for a long and healthy pet life. A comprehensive range of pet supplies also includes high-quality food. It provides your pet with food from the very beginning and ensures good health and a long, vital life.

AniForte® offers you pet food and numerous other items to support pet nutrition. Made from purely natural raw materials and without synthetic additives, we offer a wide variety of complete feeds with high-quality vitamins and minerals.

In the AniForte® online store, you can buy the right food for your pet directly online and have it delivered to your home. Our food for cats, chickens and rodents is tailored to the special needs of animals and provides them with important nutrients. With our natural feed, unbalanced diets are avoided and deficiency symptoms can be prevented.

Your advantages with AniForte® at a glance:

  • Natural feed supplements for animals, gentle care products and high-quality pet food
  • Ingredients directly from nature
  • Product development according to traditional recipes
  • Free advice from vets, veterinary practitioners and animal nutritionists
  • Order from the comfort of your own home
  • Delivery within 24 hours
  • Free delivery from 49 euros
  • 10% discount on newsletter registration

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