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Vermin EX Spray
Vermin EX Spray
Ungeziefer-EX Spray - AniForte
Vermin EX Spray
Ungeziefer-EX Spray - AniForte

Vermin EX Spray

Ambient spray to repel parasites

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Effective against mites, fleas, lice & co.

For all sleeping areas & textiles

Hygiene spray with essential oils

Also suitable for prevention

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Contents:500 ml
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Vermin EX Spray

Repellent for animal and human environments

AniForte® Ungeziefer-EX Spray is an effective environmental spray for repelling mites and other insects. The hygiene spray is based on essential oils and can also be used safely in the human environment.

  • Effective spray to repel mites and other pests
  • Ambient spray - preventive & in case of infestation
  • Also suitable for the human environment

Vermin spray for sleeping areas and surroundings

The effective spray can be used for baskets, mattresses, carpets and other textiles in the environment of dogs, cats and other animals - such as in horse stables. It is suitable as a bed hygiene spray to combat mites, fleas and other insects as well as for long-lasting protection against these annoying parasites.

Ectoparasites such as mites and fleas can not only be unpleasant for animals, but can also lead to allergies, skin irritation and itching in humans. With our newly developed AniForte® Ungeziefer-EX Spray, you get a product for mite control and improved hygiene in the home.

The ideal supplement for flea and mite control in animals

As a supplement, we recommend our tried and tested products AniForte® Flea-EX Spray or AniForte® Flea-EX Powder to treat the animal in case of flea infestation and the AniForte® Mite-STOP Spray and the AniForte® Mite-STOP powder against mites in your pet.

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