Ein Staubbad für Hühner - AniForte

A dust bath for chickens

Chickens are very clean animals and like to use a so-called dust bath, also known as a sand bath, for daily cleaning. A dust bath has several advantages for your chickens. Not only is it a lot of ...
Immunsystem unserer Hühner stärken - AniForte

Strengthening the immune system of our chickens

Strengthen our chickens' immune system Especially in winter, we should support our chickens and create a strong immune system. The immune system is the body's own defense system and destroys patho...
Hühner im Winter – Die richtige Haltung und Fütterung - AniForte

Chickens in winter - the right way to keep and feed them

Chickens cope very well in winter, they are robust poultry and their plumage protects them from the cold and wind. In fact, chickens actually prefer cold temperatures to heat. However, prolonged we...
Hühner Parasiten Flöhe, Würmer & Milben – Das musst Du als Hühnerhalter wissen - AniForte

Chickens Parasites Fleas, worms & mites - What you need to know as a chicken owner

Chickens are often infested with parasites. Both ectoparasites such as various mites and endoparasites, usually worms, can settle in poultry.
Mauser bei Hühnern – Natürlich unterstützen - AniForte

Moulting in chickens - natural support

Plucked chickens, feathers everywhere in the coop and the eggs are still missing - don't worry, your animals are not sick, but are most likely moulting.
Hühner halten im Garten – Tipps für Anfänger - AniForte

Keeping chickens in the garden - tips for beginners

The trend towards self-sufficiency is on the rise. Terms such as urban gardening and urban farming are now commonplace: vegetables, fruit and herbs from the home garden or patio are now commonplace...
Hühner richtig füttern – Die wichtigsten Grundregeln - AniForte

Feeding chickens correctly - the most important basic rules

Like all other living creatures, feathered bipeds also need regular food. The advantage of chickens, however, is that they are omnivores. But what exactly does that mean and how much food is enough...