Hund leckt sich die Pfote: Ursachen & Behandlung - AniForte

Dog licks its paw: causes & treatment

Why does your dog constantly lick his paws? This can be a simple cleaning instinct, but it can also be a sign of more serious problems.
Die Temperaturen steigen und die Zeckenzeit beginnt. - AniForte

Temperatures rise and tick season begins.

As a rule, ticks become active at a constant temperature of over 7 degrees Celsius, but the geographical location, climate and weather also play a major role. As soon as the ticks become active, th...
5 Tipps für die Beschäftigung mit Snacks - AniForte
beschäftigung hund

5 tips for dealing with snacks

5 tips for keeping your dog busy with snacks This way, you can integrate tasty snacks perfectly into everyday life and also offer your dog a change and something to do. After all, it's not just phy...
Erfolgsgeschichte von Bibi - AniForte

Bibi's success story

Hey paw friends, I'm Bibi, 4 years old and I'm originally from Italy. My dog parents adopted me from the animal welfare adopted me. Even though I was supposed to enjoy my life to the full from then...
Die richtige Pflege für Deinen Hund - AniForte

The right care for your dog

Support your four-legged friend with the right care for their eyes, ears, paws and teeth. With our natural care range , you are perfectly equipped and can really pamper your dog. Especially in the...
Immunschwäche Hund – So stärkst Du das Immunsystem Deines Lieblings - AniForte

Immunodeficiency dog - How to strengthen your pet's immune system

Have you often thought about how you can strengthen your dog's immune system? And whether this is even necessary?
Notfall-Plan für Silvester - AniForte

Emergency plan for New Year's Eve

In last week's articles "New Year's Eve is just around the corner again - help for dogs and cats" and "How to make New Year's Eve as relaxed as possible", I gave you an overview of what you can do ...
Gastritis - Was Deinem Hund auf den Magen schlägt - AniForte

Gastritis - What can upset your dog's stomach

Inflammation of the stomach is common in dogs and can have a variety of causes. As with us humans, this can lead to nausea, cramps or abdominal pain in dogs.
Es muss nicht immer Pfötchengeben sein – 5 Hundetricks für Fortgeschrittene - AniForte

It doesn't always have to be pawing - 5 dog tricks for advanced users

Dogs are curious contemporaries, they get bored quickly and need to be exercised regularly. Otherwise, your faithful human friend can show its disobedient and cheeky side. Practicing tricks can ban...