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Strong joints
Starke Gelenke - AniForte
Starke Gelenke - AniForte

Strong joints

Produkt-Set für starke Gelenke

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Unterstützt die Gelenkfunktion

Zur Regeneration des Knorpels

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Strong joints set for dogs and cats

Double joint and bone protection

Would you like to support your dog's or cat's joints? Our AniForte® rosehip powder and AniForte® green-lipped mussel powder are now available as a set - for optimum joint health.

  • Ideal combination for joint support
  • With omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
  • With natural vitamin C

The AniForte® joint set is the ideal combination for dogs and cats. The purely natural ingredients complement each other synergistically and provide targeted support for your pet's joints.

While rosehip powder provides your four-legged friend with important galactolipids, the green-lipped mussel powder supplies your four-legged friend's joints with essential omega-3 fatty acids and glycosaminoglycans.

For strong and firm joints

Typical joint diseases in dogs and cats are arthrosis, arthritis and lameness. These diseases are particularly prevalent in older animals and reduce the quality of life and vitality of these four-legged friends.

Veterinary practitioners and animal nutritionists recommend this unbeatable combination of green-lipped mussel powder and rosehip powder to maintain healthy joints and support gait function. The AniForte® joint set can also be fed as a permanent supplement from puppy age.

Our products are developed by veterinary practitioners and animal nutritionists. The latest scientific findings are combined with traditional healing methods to provide our pets with the best possible care.

The set consists of:

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