Tick set M
Tick set M
Tick set M

Tick set M

Tick protection for dogs

Effective protection from the inside and outside

Proven combination

Natural formula against ticks and parasites

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Tick protection M for dogs

The proven AniForte® combination of Tick Shield and Tick Spray at a special price

Our veterinary practitioners recommend the proven combination of Tick Shield and Tick Spray to provide your dog with the best possible and gentle support in repelling ticks.

AniForte® Tick Shield capsules can be easily mixed into the food and support your dog's normal vitamin B balance. This helps to activate the skin metabolism and support the natural skin barrier.

In combination with the AniForte® tick spraywhich can be used both as a contact spray and as an environmental spray, these products provide naturally effective protection for the tick season. The tick spray can also reduce the risk of infection from pathogens transmitted by ticks and mosquitoes in particular.

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