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Strengthen the horse's immune system

The colder season begins, the days get shorter and the temperatures drop. All of this puts a strain on our horses' immune systems. The role of the immune system in horses The horse's immune system...
Durchfall beim Pferd: Ursache & Behandlung mit AniForte - AniForte

Diarrhea in horses: cause & treatment with AniForte

If your horse suffers from diarrhea, it is often not easy to find the cause. Owners are often at a loss, especially if the diarrhea occurs suddenly and without a previous change in feed, medication...
Juckreiz beim Pferd: Ursachen erkennen & behandeln - AniForte

Itching in horses: Recognizing & treating causes

Especially in late summer and fall, when the mosquitoes and creepy-crawlies are flying their merry rounds in the paddock and there's often a rain shower in the evening, you'll probably see it more ...
Cushing Pferd - AniForte

Cushing's horse

What is Cushing's disease in horses? Equine Cushing's disease is a complex hormonal disorder that imbalances the hormonal metabolism in horses. The middle part of the pituitary gland (hypophysis) i...
Kolik beim Pferd – Unsere Tierheilpraktiker klären auf - AniForte

Colic in horses - our veterinary practitioners explain

Colic in horses occurs more frequently in the winter months. Lack of exercise and laziness to drink are just some of the causes that can trigger colic. We'll tell you how to recognize colic at an e...
Mauke bei Pferden - Das musst Du wissen - AniForte

Mauke in horses - what you need to know

Does your horse have bald patches on its hocks, hooves or fetlock bends, is it worn out and scratches a lot?
Sommerekzem bei Pferden - AniForte

Sweet itch in horses

Summer eczema in horses causes many horse owners to gasp. But that doesn't have to be the case.
Pferdebremsen – So kannst Du Dein Tier schützen - AniForte

Horseflies - How you can protect your animal

In the summer months it's that time of year again: the annoying horseflies cause problems for horse and rider.
Wenn Dein Pferd Husten hat – Richtig behandeln und vorbeugen - AniForte

If your horse has a cough - correct treatment and prevention

If your horse has a cough, you also suffer as a pet owner. Especially when the weather changes and in the cold season, horses can quickly catch something.