AniForte® consists of a diverse, motivated and above all animal-loving team, which has set itself the task of developing natural products for the benefit of animals.

Nature, but above all the health of animals, is close to our hearts, which is why a great deal of specialist knowledge is brought in during development by veterinary practitioners, vets and nutritionists. Thanks to this knowledge and great cooperation, we are able to develop products from purely natural raw materials to manufacture.

Once the idea of supporting animals in a natural way was born, it was quickly put into practice and AniForte® was founded. With AniForte®, we wanted to feed our animals a species-appropriate and natural diet right from the start. Of course, there were already feed supplements, feed and care products available, but nothing matched our naturalness requirements.

This gave rise to the idea of developing natural feed supplements and regularly adding them to the animals' feed. The products were developed with a great deal of scientific knowledge and advice from our veterinary practitioners and support our four-legged friends in a natural way.

Our products are deeply rooted in nature. We focus on parasite protection without toxic substances, care products that contain only natural raw materials and species-appropriate food that is free from preservatives, artificial flavors and the like. Our motto: purely natural ingredients for the well-being of our animals!

Our company headquarters, in beautiful Brüggen, is not only home to our own production and mail order business, but also to our office, the on-site sales and, above all, a community of animal lovers. In our in-house production we produce many different feed supplements, which are carefully manufactured, tested and lovingly packaged. We attach great importance to correct work processes and harmonious cooperation. We would like to give you a glimpse behind the scenes with a short video.

As soon as you visit AniForte®, whether online or offline, you can feel the love for the animals.
We all put a lot of love, energy and knowledge into the implementation and realization of the AniForte® products. The quality of the products starts with the selection of our raw materials. Our AniForte® animal products are, as far as possible, of natural origin. Because we attach great importance to high-quality and natural products for our four-legged friends.

We promise that we will constantly monitor and develop our products and that the health of our animals will always come first .

Voff focuses on natural, high-quality pet food products and sells a variety of products - from raw pet food (BARF) to natural air-dried treats, pet food supplements and high-quality bird food - through various channels, offline and online. Voff is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Our veterinary practitioners & animal nutritionists are on hand free of charge to answer any questions you may have about your pet.