This is how it works!

The labels on the bags of raw materials bear names such as blackberry leaves, barley grass and dandelion root. These are just three of the 200 or so raw materials that we process in production. Over 400 products - from feed to grooming to supplementary feed for dog, cat, horse & Co. - are part of our range. Almost all products are developed and manufactured in our own production facilities.

We attach great importance to a completely transparent production process. Both natural raw materials and short transportation routes are important to us and an essential part of our responsible corporate management. It is not always possible without compromises, but we work every day to avoid having to make any in the first place.

Our packaging

Environmental protection and plastic-free products are very important to us, which is why we are gradually converting our packaging to environmentally friendly materials.


Sustainable thinking and responsible use of resources determine our daily work. We pay attention to a small footprint and use raw materials from the region for our products - whenever possible.

In-house product development

All our products are developed by our veterinary practitioners and animal nutritionists . We only manufacture products that can really benefit our animals.

Own production

Our manufactory is characterized by a high degree of craftsmanship: Our products are still filled and packaged by hand. Our employees master every step of production and know exactly how to handle the sensitive raw materials.

We source our raw materials from suppliers we trust.

The ingredients are purely natural and not genetically modified.

Gentle production processes ensure that almost all nutrients are retained...

... which is why we do not need any synthetic additives.

Independent laboratories regularly test our product batches for harmful substances, heavy metals and possible impurities.

Most of our products are manufactured and packaged directly on site in our production facility.

Freshly packaged and labeled, our AniForte® range is on its way to your home.