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Weihrauch Kapseln - AniForte
Weihrauch Kapseln - AniForte
Weihrauch Kapseln - AniForte
Weihrauch Kapseln - AniForte

Frankincense capsules

Unterstützung der natürlichen Gelenkfunktion

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Für gesunde Gelenke & Agilität

Unterstützt vitale Körperfunktionen

Gesundheitserhaltende Eigenschaften

Original indischer Weihrauch für Hunde

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Frankincense capsules for dogs

Natural joint powder in capsules, original Indian frankincense for dogs

Thanks to their valuable ingredients, our capsules made from ground frankincense can provide dogs with natural support for joint function and general well-being.

  • Supports the natural joint function
  • For more agility in dogs
  • Original Indian frankincense for dogs in practical capsule form

The AniForte® frankincense capsules for dogs contain the natural resin (olibanum) of Indian frankincense - this resin is known for its essential oils, tannins and valuable boswellic acid. The Indian frankincense plant, also known as Boswellia serrata, belongs to the balsam tree family and has been traditionally used for centuries for its positive properties on health-supporting processes in the body.

Numerous studies have shown that boswellic acid has health-preserving properties and can therefore support various processes in your pet's body - such as maintaining a healthy gut or joint function.

Indian frankincense: giving dogs and their owners more zest for life again

The frankincense we use is obtained gently and from a sustainable harvest. This highly regarded natural substance is particularly well known for its positive properties for maintaining healthy joints.

Frankincense can support dogs in their natural joint function and thus maintain normal vital body function.

For additional support of bones, tendons, muscles and ligaments Collagen for dogs is an ideal supplement.

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