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Temperatures rise and tick season begins.

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As a rule, ticks become active at a constant temperature of over 7 degrees Celsius, but the geographical location, climate and weather also play a major role. As soon as the ticks become active, they look for a host to feed on.

Ticks often look for dogs, cats or even humans as a host to suck blood for a certain period of time, which can last between 2 and 14 days depending on the tick's stage of development.
What makes ticks so dangerous is their role as carriers of pathogens such as bacteria or viruses. There are many different types of ticks and also possible diseases. One of the most common diseases caused by tick bites is Lyme disease or anaplasmosis.

We all love long walks through the forest, playing and romping in the meadows or simply enjoying a relaxing picnic with our four-legged friend. But very often we can't enjoy these moments completely carefree, as there is always the fear of possible tick bites. Our animals in particular are a popular host and ticks often go unnoticed at first because of their fur.

The tick bite itself usually has no consequences for us or our four-legged friends; it is the sometimes life-threatening diseases that we want to protect our pets from.

Zeckenzeit - ZeckenSchild

But how can we protect our animals?

Together with our veterinary practitioners, we have developed a natural product made from brewer's yeast and thiamine developed. This composition influences various metabolic processes in the body and can, among other things, cause the natural skin odor to change - barely noticeably for humans. This odor has a repellent effect on ticks and can therefore provide perfect protection.

The AniForte® Tick Shield capsules consist of a special combination of brewer's yeast and thiamine - also known as vitamin B1. Vitamin B influences various metabolic processes in the body and can, among other things, cause the natural skin odor to change - barely noticeably for humans.

A study from 2019 showed that dogs that were fed a brewer's yeast-thiamine complex had a significantly lower number of ticks than those that were not fed the complex. From this it can be deduced that a combination of brewer's yeast and thiamine can have a repellent effect on ticks.

Brewer's yeast - the natural protection against ticks

Our natural tick repellent contains brewer's yeast, but what exactly is brewer's yeast and how can it help our pets?

Brewer's yeast consists of yeast-like fungi and serves as a source of important B vitamins. Our animals' bodies cannot produce these B vitamins themselves and they have to be ingested through feed or feed supplements.

The substances contained in brewer's yeast in particular, such as biotone and zinc, have an influence on our four-legged friends' skin and ensure optimum cell metabolism.

Brewer's yeast paired with high-quality thiamine is the perfect combination for your dog

Thiamine - the perfect support for energy metabolism thanks to vitamin B1

Vitamin B1, or thiamine, is a vitamin that is very important for energy metabolism and the function of nerve cells (neurons). It is also involved in the formation of collagen and is therefore necessary for healthy skin and coat. Dogs can produce vitamin B1 themselves using bacteria in the large intestine, but this may often not be sufficient as only small amounts are absorbed. Similarly, most pet food does not contain sufficient thiamine, which is why it can be added through a feed supplement.

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Brewer's yeast-thiamine complex - the perfect combination to help fight ticks

With the AniForte® Tick Shield we offer you a natural alternative to chemical products. We have made the dosage very easy with the practical capsules.

Brewer's yeast-thiamine complex

The combination of brewer's yeast and th iamine offers further positive properties. Thanks to its great composition, it can also support the skin and coat and contributes to healthy cell function. The symptoms of flaky, dry skin or eczema in particular can be significantly alleviated.

The properties of brewer's yeast and thiamine can also have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Brewer's yeast contains important dietary fiber, which can rebalance the intestinal flora and help the intestinal mucosa to regenerate.

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