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The right care for your dog

Support your four-legged friend with the right care for their eyes, ears, paws and teeth. With our natural care range , you are perfectly equipped and can really pamper your dog.

Especially in the fall and winter, the paws, eyes and ears of our dogs are more stressed by external influences such as rain, snow and cold than in the warmer seasons.

Dog paws

Let's start with the dog's paws. Heavy use can cause sensitive dog paws to dry out and crack.

How can we clean and care for the paws properly?

  • Check paws: Regularly checking your dog's paws is very important. You should check your dog's paws very carefully, especially after long walks, playing or a trip into town. Check whether there are any "foreign objects" such as spikes, wood, stones or even glass splinters in the gaps or pads. Ticks can also get stuck between the toes and should of course be removed as quickly as possible
  • Clean paws: After the check, you should clean the paws, including the spaces between them. You can use lukewarm water or cleaning cloths, such as our particularly tear-resistant and hypoallergenic cloths. Cleaning also removes invisible residues such as antifreeze, pesticides or fertilizers
  • Grooming paws: Heavy use or external influences can cause sensitive dog paws to dry out and crack. Our paw protection balm cares for sensitive dog paws in a natural way. The paw balm prevents paws from drying out by keeping them soft and supple. The balm also protects against snow and road salt, especially in winter.

Pfotenschutz und Pfotenpflege

Dog eyes

Eye care for our dogs is also very important and can prevent possible eye diseases. With a little practice, daily care quickly becomes a habit and your pets can be pampered with this little care ritual.

The eye area of dogs is sensitive by nature and therefore even small things, such as dust or small foreign bodies from nature, can irritate the eyes of our four-legged friends or even trigger an inflammation.

How can we clean and care for our dogs' eyes?

  • Check eyes: Check your dog's eyes daily to detect possible diseases or injuries at an early stage. You can often recognize an eye disease or injury by red eyes, increased tearing or slight mucus formation.
  • Clean the eyes: After the check-up, regular cleaning of the eyes is just as important. Eye cleaning pads, for example, are suitable for removing dirt and tear stones. The pads for external use are particularly suitable for sensitive or young dogs.
  • Eye care:Eye care helps to keep your dog's eyes clean. Our special formula with the natural ingredients of eyebright treats the eyelids and eyelid margins for dirt, incrustations and secretions without irritating the sensitive eyes of animals. The care products are intended for external use only and should not get into the animal's eyes.

Dog ears

Correct and regular ear cleaning and ear care for our dogs is very important for various reasons. In general, our dogs' ears have self-cleaning mechanisms due to the formation of cerumen / earwax and the small protective hairs. Nevertheless, dogs' ears can be susceptible to dirt accumulation for various reasons.

How can we clean and care for our dogs' ears?

  • Check ears: Regular checks are also important for our dogs' ears. For example, if your dog shakes or scratches its ears more often, there is a possibility that a foreign body (e.g. awns or debris) has got into the ear. Ear infections can also be detected at an early stage with regular checks.
  • Clean ears: We recommend using cleaning cloths or pads to clean the ears; under no circumstances should you use cotton buds. The ear cleaning pads with soothing aloe vera clean and care for sensitive dog and cat ears in a natural way. Dirt particles and earwax can be gently removed.
  • Ear care: After cleaning, we can support our dogs' ears with a nourishing ear cleaner. The liquid ear cleaner helps to relieve itching and cares for the dog's ears with natural chamomile extracts.

Dog teeth

Healthy teeth are very important for dogs, as they use their teeth as a chewing instrument, hunting tool and also for defense. Proper and sufficient dental care is essential to strengthen your dog's teeth. Many pet owners are still unaware of the importance of proper dental care, which is why many dogs suffer. Toothache or inflamed gums are very painful, not only for us but also for our dogs. However, as our dogs only express "pain" at a very late stage, this is where our support is needed.

How can we clean and care for our dog's teeth?

  • Check teeth: Check your dog's teeth regularly. You can quickly see if your dog has tartar, plaque or reddened gums by simply looking in their mouth. You can also quickly detect injuries and consult a vet if necessary.
  • Cleaning teeth: There are various ways to clean your pet's teeth. You can use special toothbrushes or finger pads to remove plaque and deposits from the teeth. By cleaning, you can easily improve your pet's oral hygiene by preventing plaque and promoting fresh breath. In addition to active cleaning with our help, you can also provide your dog with special chews and toys to support them.
  • Care for teeth and gums: In addition to cleaning, you can provide long-term care for the teeth and gums with natural additives. The AniForte® Denta Clean & Care powder can help to clean and care for your pet's teeth and gums in a natural way with their daily food intake.

Dental care and teeth cleaning dog

We dog owners should take the care of our pets very seriously, only then can our pets lead a healthy and happy life. After all, what could be better than a happy and healthy four-legged friend?

Here you will find the perfect, natural products for your four-legged friend!