Erfolgsgeschichte von Bibi - AniForte

Bibi's success story

Hey paw friends,

I'm Bibi, 4 years old and I'm originally from Italy. My dog parents adopted me from the animal welfare adopted me. Even though I was supposed to enjoy my life to the full from then on, there were a lot of worries and, above all, pain in addition to the joy.

I was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia (on both sides) with arthrotic changes. After this terrible diagnosis, my humans started looking for support.

In addition to animal physiotherapy, my owner wanted to treat me with natural supplements and scoured the web and asked her followers on Instagram. The AniForte green-lipped mussel powder was frequently recommended to her on Instagram, which quickly made my mistress aware of AniForte. She quickly found what she was looking for in the AniForte online store. A purely natural green-lipped mussel powder from New Zealand for maintaining healthy joints.

The description and information in the store are very detailed, but my mistress still wanted to make sure that this was really the best product for me and sought detailed advice from the local veterinary practitioner. Because there is actually one more point that should definitely be considered. Not only do I suffer from severe hip dysplasia, but unfortunately I also have epilepsy. Thanks to the great advice and expertise of the veterinary practitioner, it quickly became clear that green-lipped mussel powder was perfect for me. But not only the green-lipped mussel powder, but also the CollaMove can support my joints in the best possible way.

After a detailed consultation, my mistress ordered both products from the store. According to the therapy plan, we started with Colla Move first and then added the green-lipped mussel powder after 3 weeks.

And you know what? After just 3 weeks you could already see the first successes and my gait has improved significantly. The feeling is simply indescribable. The therapy from animal physiotherapy and the food supplements are simply perfect for me and give me a whole new attitude to life.

We are incredibly grateful for the great support and can recommend the products with conviction.

Your Bibi with her owner Vanessa