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Dog licks its paw: causes & treatment

Why does your dog constantly lick his paws? This can be a simple cleaning instinct, but it can also be a sign of more serious problems.

You should know why your dog is behaving this way - so that you can react correctly.

The most common causes can be

  • Environmental stimuli and foreign bodies
  • skin fungi
  • parasites
  • Psyche

We advise you to consult a vet for a definitive diagnosis so that you can be absolutely sure.

Occasional paw licking is nothing to worry about

Your dog licks its paws to keep them clean - this is completely normal. But if you notice that he or she does it too often or suddenly nibbles more intensively, take a closer look at your furry friend's paws.

Irritated paws in winter or summer

In winter, the cold and road salt can affect your dog's paws. If you notice that he licks them more often, it could be that the cold temperatures or the chemicals on the paths are irritating his paws, as the sensitive skin between the pads is cracked or dry.

Tip: Rinse your dog's paws after walks in winter to remove salt and dirt.
remove salt and dirt. Also use our paw protection balmto keep the skin
keep the skin supple

Even in summer, the hot asphalt can "burn" your dog's paws. Here too, use the paw protection balm and choose shady walks for a change.

Itching due to skin fungus

Skin fungus causes your dog to itch and scratch, which leads to reddened skin and sometimes cracked paws. A visit to the vet for an accurate diagnosis is important, as untreated fungal infections get worse and can also be transmitted to others.

Parasite infestation

Parasites, especially the tiny fall grass mites, can make your dog's paws itchy. These mites prefer thin areas of skin, such as between the toes, ears or belly. Signs of an infestation include itching, redness and swelling. If you notice such symptoms, you should consult a vet. They can examine the affected areas and suggest the right treatment, be it an antiparasitic or anti-inflammatory medication. Would you prefer an alternative and natural solution? The Mite STOP Spray provides effective defense & prevention against mites with essential oils!

Psychological causes such as stress

If a vet rules out physical causes, stress could be behind your dog's behavior. Every dog shows stress differently - be it through a lowered tail, tucked ears or frequent paw licking. This is exactly where natural solutions such as the relax snack and Calm & Relax can provide valuable support to help your four-legged friend relax naturally and increase their well-being. Good stress management, which you will succeed in doing, is crucial to reducing the source of stress and avoiding health problems in the future.

Help for irritated paws

In addition to the measures discussed so far, you should always keep an eye on your four-legged friend's paw care.

A simple tip: cold camomile tea.

It soothes and refreshes irritated paws. Do you want extra care and want to play it safe? Then I recommend the Paw Protection Balm from AniForte®, enriched with Vaseline and arnica oil, to keep your dog's paws supple. It is important to find out the reason for the paw licking and to take targeted action. Your vet is the best person to contact to ensure your pet's health.