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Ungeziefer-EX Puder - AniForte
Ungeziefer-EX Puder - AniForte
Ungeziefer-EX Puder - AniForte
Ungeziefer-EX Puder - AniForte

Vermin EX Powder

Flea medication for dogs & cats

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Against cat fleas, animal lice, beetles & co.

Effective long-term protection

Without treating animals directly

Made from natural diatomaceous earth

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Buy vermin EX powder for dogs and cats

Long-term protection against parasites: Buy AniForte® Vermin-EX powder for cats & dogs

AniForte® Unge ziefer-EX powder is an insecticide that is suitable for biocidal application in the environment of dogs and cats. Cat fleas in particular like to develop in their preferred sleeping areas. AniForte® Ungeziefer-EX powder for cats and dogs is effective against ectoparasites such as cat fleas and other pests including animal lice and beetles. The powder is applied to the preferred routes and hiding places of the parasites and thus provides effective long-term protection - without having to treat the animals directly. You can buy the AniForte® Vermin-EX powder and finally rid your pet of these annoying pests.

These are the reasons why you should buy AniForte® Vermin EX Powder:

  • Long-term protection against ectoparasites such as the cat flea
  • Pests are captured on their way to and from the host animal
  • Application in the immediate vicinity of the animal

Mode of action:

The pests (ectoparasites), such as the cat flea, are dusted during treatment or dust themselves with the applied powder through their own activity. The active ingredient leads to the detachment of cuticle fats and dehydration of the insects. The pests die after a few hours. The effect of AniForte® Ungeziefer-EX powder may be delayed by 1 - 2 days at low temperatures and high humidity.

Buy Vermin-EX Powder for dogs & cats and stay flea-free in the long term

Fleas are particularly stubborn parasites. This is because only around 5 percent of the flea population actually lives on your pet. Only the adult fleas suck on your dog or cat. The rest of the flea population is found in the environment: the eggs, larvae and pupae. These like to cling to textiles, such as the basket, upholstered furniture, cushions and carpets. Pupated larvae in particular are very stubborn and resistant. Therefore, when combating fleas, you should always clean, vacuum and, if possible, wash your pet's favorite places. You can also use disinfectant sprays to get to grips with the pests. You can also simply buy the vermin EX powder from AniForte® and eliminate fleas quickly and effectively.

Buy vermin EX powder from AniForte®

Buy a vermin EX powder and declare war on parasites! As the AniForte® vermin EX powder for cats and dogs is not subject to degradation, it can be used beyond the minimum shelf life guaranteed by the manufacturer. In addition, it forms a compound with the AniForte® Flea-EX Spray forms an effective combination if a flea infestation is detected in dogs or cats. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us!

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