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Strengthen the horse's immune system

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The colder season begins, the days get shorter and the temperatures drop. All of this puts a strain on our horses' immune systems.

The role of the immune system in horses

The horse's immune system is a very complex system consisting of different levels in the horse's body. It provides natural protection and a natural defense function. The stronger the horse's immune defense, the lower the risk of disease. For this very reason, it is important to strengthen and support the immune system of our horses.

The horse's immune system consists of two defense mechanisms, the non-specific defense and the specific defense:

Non-specific defense (innate) - The non-specific defense includes the skin, hair, mucous membrane, saliva, stomach acid, fluid in the eyes and urine. They ensure that pathogens and foreign substances do not enter the horse's body in the first place.

Specific defense (acquired) - This defense is acquired in the course of life as the immune system learns and specifically produces antibodies against pathogens that it has already become familiar with. The specific defense usually becomes stronger and stronger.

Both of the body's defense systems are closely linked and support each other. If the system is intact, it is the first barrier to effectively ward off potential pathogens.

What are possible triggers for a weakened immune system?

The immune system of horses can be triggered by various factors and external circumstances.

Possible causes can be

  • Old age of the horses
  • Inadequate feeding / lack of nutrients
  • Poor intestinal flora
  • Physical overload
  • Injuries or operations
  • Stress (for example when changing stables etc.)
  • Too little exercise
  • Illnesses (especially chronic illnesses)
  • Weather (cold, extreme heat, draughts)
  • Overweight
  • allergies
  • Parasites

The gut plays a particularly important role in a healthy immune system. A healthy intestinal flora is very important for our horses. The intestinal bacteria are divided into good and bad bacteria, whereby healthy bacteria ensure a healthy intestine for the horse and the absorption of nutrients.

The consequences of a weakened immune system

Many different factors often come together from a weak immune system, illness and the resulting stress. Diseases such as skin fungus, conjunctivitis, diarrhea, respiratory problems or even allergies occur more frequently in horses with a weakened immune system. Some horses are also more prone to moulting, thrush or parasite infestation.

Our tips for a strong immune system in horses

  • Feed sufficient and, above all, high-quality roughage
  • Provide your horse with vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Ensure a good stable climate and sufficient fresh air
  • Usefeed supplements for support
  • Ensure sufficient exercise
  • Maintain intestinal health
  • Avoid a lot of unnecessary stress
  • Especially in the fall and winter, your horse should not cool down after training
  • Which feed supplements are suitable for supporting the immune system?

    Feeding and the adequate supply of all important nutrients is a very important point when it comes to the immune system of our horses. With the right feed supplements and the right feed, we can support our horses and ensure a strong immune system.

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    Our animal nutritionists and veterinary practitioners recommend the following for a healthy immune system and your horse's vitality 4in1 Completea natural all-round supply of valuable nutrients such as brewer's yeast BT, rose hip peel and Jerusalem artichoke powder. It supports intestinal activity, ensures a great coat and the general well-being of your horse.

    Other natural products to support the immune system and respiratory tract:

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