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Strengthening the immune system of our chickens

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Strengthen our chickens' immune system

Especially in winter, we should support our chickens and create a strong immune system.

The immune system is the body's own defense system and destroys pathogenic microorganisms, so the immune system should always function well and be supported when necessary.

With a weakened immune system, chickens are much more susceptible to infections, parasite infestations, viruses, bacteria or fungi.

The trigger for a weakened immune system can be, for example, the transition to the colder season. However, the administration of antibiotics or an infestation of parasites can also attack the immune system of our chickens.

Influences in winter:

  • Cold temperatures and damp weather put a strain on the immune system
  • Chickens become sluggish and the urge to move decreases
  • Our chickens can hardly find grasses and herbs in the free-range area
  • Chickens are dependent on our feeding

Due to the frost, snow and colder temperatures, the natural intake of grasses, herbs and insects in the free range is no longer available and the chickens need our support. The laying activity and movement of our chickens also decreases.

How can we support our chickens and their immune system?

The right feed plays a major role for the immune system, because with the right supplements and a high-quality diet, we can support the immune system and keep our chickens happy.

Hühner Immunsystem - Kräuter

High-quality herbs provide your chickens with important nutrients. Studies have shown that thyme and sage are particularly useful after a worming treatment and for keeping the animals healthy. While mugwort can help to maintain a normal gastrointestinal tract, the fine garlic granules support the immune system of the chickens and also has a positive effect on the quality of the eggs. The herbal mixture is therefore perfect for support.

Supplementary feed consisting of seeds, kernels and proteins such as crayfish are also important for our chickens and support the immune system in a natural way.

The henhouse should be a nice retreat, especially in the colder months of the year, and ensure our chickens' well-being. For example, we can set up a dust bath for our chickens to keep them occupied and care for their feathers. The high-quality poultry litter is made from the natural rock powder zeolite. The fine powder binds odors, pollutants and toxins and has the ability to absorb and store liquids. Moisture between the chickens' feathers and on their skin is quickly absorbed. In addition, the dust bath for chickens mineralizes manure and other soiling.

Immunsystem Hühner

A dust bath canalsoreduce stress in the flock. Stress can also attack the immune system of our chickens.

There are many natural ways to support our chickens during the winter months.

If you have any further questions, our veterinary practitioners will be happy to help.