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Immunodeficiency dog - How to strengthen your pet's immune system

Have you often thought about how you can strengthen your dog's immune system? And whether this is even necessary?

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The role of the immune system in dogs

The dog's immune system has the task of protecting the organism from intruders, pathogenic cell changes and harmful substances. It is the body's defense system, which works on several levels and has to fight off lots of germs, bacteria and viruses every day.

A strong immune system works very effectively and specifically. While it protects its own intact cells, it attacks dead cells and pests and destroys them before they can harm the body. An intact immune system in dogs is the organism's resistance to disease. This is because many diseases can only develop if the dog's immune system is weak. Various organs, cells and the body's own substances are involved in this complex interaction. It consists of two defense mechanisms, the non-specific defense and the specific defense:

Nonspecificdefense (innate) - Every dog is born with a nonspecific defense, stronger in some and weaker in others. These immune cells, also known as "scavenger cells" or "killer cells", intuitively attack harmful substances, germs and other pests.

Specific defense (acquired) - This defense is acquired in the course of life as the immune system learns and specifically produces antibodies against pathogens that it has already become familiar with. The specific defense usually becomes stronger and stronger.

Both of the body's defense systems are closely linked and support each other. If the system is intact, it is the first barrier to effectively ward off potential pathogens.

Immunsystem Hund

Immunodeficiency in dogs - when does the immune system need support?

Animals also suffer from immunodeficiency. Dogs then appear exhausted and contract parasites or infections more often than average. External influences can trigger an immune deficiency in dogs. This makes it all the more important to look out for signs of a four-legged friend's weakening immune system and take countermeasures at an early stage. The following factors can have a negative impact on our dogs' defenses:

1. young animals have a weakened immune system from the start. Puppies are therefore much more susceptible to various infections and parasites. This is because the specific immune system is still very inexperienced. Their defenses are mainly limited to the innate immune system. Nevertheless, the little rascals come into contact with many pathogens. Dog school, puppy playtime and walks are proven activities for a lively exchange of bacteria and germs. Natural support strengthens the young immune system and makes it more resistant.

2 The immune system is also attacked or even suppressed by some medications, especially antibiotics. Although this side effect is desirable for certain illnesses, it can still result in infections and inflammation in the body. Therefore, after taking medication, both the dog's gastrointestinal tract and the immune system should receive an extra portion of restorative food.

3 Parasites also have an impact on the immune system. The pests attack the intestinal flora and feed on our four-legged friend's body. A mite infestation in dogs is often the result of a weak immune system. You should therefore not only eliminate the parasites as quickly as possible, but also do something for your pet's immune system.

4 Unfortunately, our four-legged friends also get older. Not only do they lose strength and agility with age, but their immune system is no longer as stable as it used to be. Organs and metabolism shift down a gear. This is why old dogs need to be strengthened in particular.

5 If the four-legged friend has chronic infections or chronic illnesses, the immune system has to work harder. It runs at full speed and tries to fight the infections and heal the organs. Additional support with immune-boosting agents helps the organism to counteract chronic infections.

Strong gut - strong immune system

One of the most effective organs of the immune defense is the intestine, in humans as well as in dogs. Around 70 - 80 % of the immune cells are located in the longest organ of the body. Basically, it can be said that the intestine is the center of an intact immune system.

The intestinal mucosa protects the body from unwelcome pathogens and binds them so that the attackers can be flushed out of the body. This is also one reason why sufficient fluid intake is essential for a healthy body.

The gut also has its own microbes, which play an important role in combating harmful substances and other pests. The more good bacteria colonize the dog's intestines, the fitter the digestive tract and the immune system of the furry friend will be. An unbalanced diet, insufficient nutrients or poor food lead to the death of the valuable intestinal bacteria and at the same time weaken the immune system and consequently the health of the four-legged friend.

To build up the dog's immune system, attention should be paid to an adapted diet. Prebiotics such as Bio Morosan are the food for good bacteria in the dog's intestines and support intestinal health and the normal immune system. Such natural prebiotics should be fed over several days, especially at the beginning.

Another tried and tested home remedy for building up intestinal health is medicinal mud for dogs. It contains a high level of humic acids, which are known to aid digestion and stimulate gastrointestinal activity. This organic mass acts like healing clay and also has immune-boosting properties.

The basis for a healthy and active intestine is still the right food. The composition of individual nutrients is particularly important here.

The right food for building up the dog's immune system

Dog food is the basis of a species-appropriate and vitamin-rich diet for dogs. This is because it plays a decisive role in the proper functioning of the stomach and intestines as well as for a strong immune system. Nutritious food strengthens the stomach lining, good bacteria and immune cells can multiply and a lack of nutrients is prevented.

In contrast, unnatural food can lead to a lack of important nutrients. Pathogenic synthetic substances in the food attack the intestinal mucosa and the intestinal wall becomes more permeable. The immune system can no longer fight off intruders and they penetrate the organism more easily and cause infections.

We therefore recommend using a high-quality natural dog food without synthetic vitamins and minerals, flavor enhancers or preservatives. This is because natural substances have better bioavailability and can be optimally utilized by the body. Dog food should also contain valuable fiber, which serves as food for the good bacteria in the intestines.

The dog food should also be easily digestible and naturally tailored to the dog's needs. For example, if your pet is a Labrador, we recommend a food for Labradors that takes into account their tendency to be overweight and consists of lean meat.

Australian Shepherds, on the other hand, have high energy requirements. If the dog food for Australian Shepherds does not cover the required nutritional needs of the animals, this can lead to a weakened immune system, malnutrition and secondary diseases.

How to strengthen your dog's immune system naturally

To strengthen your dog's immune system in a natural way, there are a few other things you can do in addition to feeding a nutrient-rich diet:

Strengthening your dog's immune system - checklist:

  • Regular walks
  • Sufficient sleep and rest
  • Avoidance of stress and overexertion
  • Adequate water intake
  • Immune-boosting food supplements
  • Regular health checks at the vet

As with us humans, stress and excessive demands have an effect on immune deficiency in dogs. Sufficient rest between activities, an appropriate supply of fresh water and natural food supplements support the dog's immune system. Proven medicinal herbs and roots can work wonders and should also be administered as a cure if the immune system is weak.

Vitamine für ein gesundes Immunsystem

How does our AniForte® Immune-Active support your dog's immune system?

We wanted to develop a product that differs from conventional immune products and offers your four-legged friend real added value. Of course, the immune booster had to be of impeccable quality and consist exclusively of natural ingredients. Because we believe that nature offers us and our four-legged friends everything we need to get through the year with a healthy and strengthened immune system.

That's why our experienced vets, veterinary practitioners and animal nutrition experts have researched traditional medicinal herbs, fruity vitamin C boosters, antibacterial natural products and anti-inflammatory roots and seeds and adapted them to the needs of dogs and cats. The result is our unique immune product for animals AniForte® Immune-Active. It combines purely natural ingredients such as barley grass, rosehip peel, brewer's yeast and propolis, to name just a few immune supporters. The selected ingredients complement each other synergistically and have a holistic effect on your four-legged friend's immune system.

And that's what's inside our AniForte® Immune-Active:

GerstengrasBarley grass - Barley grass belongs to the sweet grass family. Grasses are known for their high fiber content, which is particularly useful for digestion. The millennia-old grasses also contain lots of secondary plant substances and antioxidants, which are particularly beneficial in cases of oxidative stress. Barley grass powder is easy to digest and is gentle on the gastrointestinal tract.

HagebuttenRosehip peel fines - This fruit, already known to Hildegard von Bingen, is an immune-supporting antioxidant with lots of natural vitamin C - almost 10 times as much as lemons. The rose hip peels have an effect on inflammation and pain, support the immune system and even have a positive effect on the joints.

BierhefeBrewer'syeast - the vitamin B booster among natural substances! In addition to biotin, dried brewer's yeast for dogs contains a range of other natural B vitamins and is proven to support the metabolism. Brewer's yeast also contributes to a healthy and shiny coat.

SonnenhutEchinacea root - Also more commonly known as Echinacea is a North American medicinal herb that has been shown to stimulate the immune system. Echinacea root is used in dogs to treat bronchial infections and other diseases of the upper respiratory tract.


Spirulina - This microalgae is one of the foods richest in protein. Proteins are an important component of the immune system and are responsible for maintaining and renewing the skin and coat. A protein deficiency can weaken the immune system and lead to keratinization disorders, resulting in pathological hair loss. Supplementing feed with spirulina not only strengthens the immune system, but also contributes to skin and coat regeneration and can help with deficiency symptoms.

MariendistelMilk thistle seeds - This medicinal plant, which has been known since the Middle Ages, has an immunomodulatory effect and a positive effect on liver function. Active ingredients such as silymarin, linoleic and oleic acid as well as natural proteins are responsible for its antioxidant properties and can help to improve health.

PropolisPropolis - This purely natural bee product is very valuable and is also known as nature's antibiotic. The bee colony uses propolis to protect their hive from germs. In dogs, it has an antimicrobial effect and protects the four-legged friend from bacteria and viruses. It can support the normal immune system and, as an additional side effect, has a positive influence on various skin wounds.


Our dogs' immune systems are challenged on a daily basis. Especially in the cold season, there are many viruses and bacteria circulating that put our four-legged friends' defenses to the test. Dogs are also prone to infections in cold and wet weather. If a dog has an immunodeficiency, such an infection can have serious consequences.

You can strengthen your dog's immune system with natural home remedies and don't have to resort directly to medication and other synthetic products.

Immunsystem Hund - Hagebuttenpulver

For optimal immune system health, our AniForte® Rosehip powder is also a great support for our four-legged friends. The combination with our green-lipped mussel powder makes it even better and, thanks to its optimal synergistic effect, provides optimum support for joint health and the immune system.

Try our "Strong Joints set - it contains the ideal combination of rosehip and green-lipped mussel powder for your pet. The unique ingredients provide holistic support for your pet's health.

Get the set now and strengthen the immune system and joints in a natural way!