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Emergency plan for New Year's Eve

In last week's articles "New Year's Eve is just around the corner again - help for dogs and cats" and "How to make New Year's Eve as relaxed as possible", I gave you an overview of what you can do for your pet to make the turn of the year as relaxed as possible.

Not only on New Year's Eve itself, but even before it is usually louder and livelier than in our regular everyday lives. Despite the ban on firecrackers in many regions, many New Year's Eve fans can't wait until the turn of the year and let off the first firecrackers and bangers the days before. The loud whistling of the New Year's Eve rockets and the unusual flashes of light cause stress in pets. The following tips can help your four-legged friend against anxiety on New Year's Eve:

1. Keep your dog on a lead on New Year's Eve walks and preferably go into the woods or choose quiet paths. You can use the relax snacks and prepare him for the evening with peace of mind. If you have a cat, bring it into the house on New Year's Eve at the latest. This way you can reduce the likelihood of encountering prematurely lit firecrackers.

2. on New Year's Eve afternoon, it's best to give your four-legged friend a good workout. Play extensively with your cat, take your dog on a bike ride or play in a quiet field.

3. provide distraction in the evening. Give your dog something to chew on for longer. Chewing calms and occupies. Look for natural chews that are suitable for animals. Catnip can have a relaxing effect on cats and stimulate their play instinct.

4. keep windows and doors closed. Turn on the TV or radio. This way you can muffle the New Year's Eve noise and distract the animal with familiar noises.

5. if your pet likes to retreat, set up a quiet place for them in their favorite spot. Classical music can provide additional relaxation.

6. when the fireworks go off, be there for your four-legged friend. Your closeness can have a very calming effect. Avoid exuberant comforting - stay calm and relaxed. This way you signal that there is no reason to be afraid.

7) Light pressure on the body can also have a calming effect. There are so-called Thundershirts, but if you don't have one to hand, you can also use a scarf. This is wrapped using a special technique that also uses soothing acupressure points: Place the scarf in the middle of the front of the animal's chest, cross the ends over the back and under the belly and then tie them together on the back.
8. have the Bach flowers mentioned ready just in case. Here you can use the Thunderstorm & New Year's Eve Globulis can be given shortly before midnight. The Relax-Snacks with the proven formula of Calm & Relax can also be given later if the animal shows disturbed behavior and seems restless due to experiences during the night.

The AniForte team wishes you a relaxed start to the new year!