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Taurin Pulver für Hunde - AniForte
Taurin Pulver für Hunde - AniForte
Taurin Pulver für Hunde - AniForte
Taurin Pulver für Hunde - AniForte
Taurine powder for dogs

Taurine powder for dogs

Unterstützung des Herz-Kreislauf-Systems

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Positiv für die Herzfunktion

Unterstützt das Herz-Kreislauf-System

Gleicht Taurinmangel aus

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Taurine powder for dogs

Essential amino acid to support the cardiovascular system

AniForte® Taurine powder for dogs is ideal as a daily supplement - even when fed raw. For dogs, taurine is an amino acid that the body can synthesize itself. Depending on age, weight and energy, the requirement can fluctuate, which is why supplementation can make sense. This vital substance is particularly important for maintaining normal heart function and supporting the cardiovascular system.

  • Has a positive effect on heart function
  • Supports the cardiovascular system
  • Compensates for a taurine deficiency in dogs

Taurine is a necessary amino acid for various bodily functions in dogs - just like in cats. The difference is that dogs are able to synthesize taurine themselves from the amino acids methionine and cysteine. The requirement can vary depending on age, weight and energy - a taurine deficiency can often be observed in larger dog breeds in particular, such as Newfoundlands. Taurine is not present in sufficient quantities in many types of ready-made food, as it is largely overcooked during heating and thus in the production of the food. AniForte® Taurine powder can compensate for your pet's daily requirement and also has a positive effect on normal heart function.

The vital substance is also essential for maintaining a healthy retina, supporting the immune system and other metabolic processes.

Thousands of happy customers have trusted AniForte® taurine powder for dogs for years. The product is particularly valued as a valuable feed supplement that provides a balanced supply of the essential amino acid.

Our AniForte® products are developed in close cooperation with alternative practitioners, nutrition experts and veterinarians to support the healthy development of your pet.

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