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4in1 Complete Cat
4in1 Complete Cat - AniForte
4in1 Complete Cat
4in1 Complete Cat
4in1 Complete Cat
4in1 Complete Cat - AniForte

4in1 Complete Cat

Rundumversorgung für Katzen

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Supports movement & joints

For stomach & intestinal activity

Heart function, immune & nervous system

4 in 1: collagen, acai, Jerusalem artichoke, taurine

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4in1 Complete Cat - For all-round care for cats

To support the immune system, joints and gastrointestinal activity

AniForte® 4in1 Complete Cat is an all-round care for your cat with valuable natural ingredients such as collagen powder, acai powder and tobinambur powder. The high-quality product makes a valuable contribution to supporting the immune and cardiac systems, the musculoskeletal system and also maintains your cat's intestinal activity.

  • Collagen maintains your cat’s natural ability to move
  • Taurine serves to support normal heart function
  • Jerusalem artichoke maintains the natural functioning of the stomach and intestines

The collagen it contains is obtained from Norwegian sea fish and is largely tasteless. The collagen peptides present in it maintain the musculoskeletal system and thus protect against joint deficiency symptoms. Collagen peptides obtained from fish are gaining more and more attention because they are significantly less cross-linked than those from pastured animals. This means that the body has to do less conversion work to absorb and use them.

Taurine is an essential amino acid for cats and must be consumed with food. Taurine plays a central role in the natural regulation of the nervous and immune systems and maintains the normal function of the heart. Taurine is not present in sufficient quantities in many types of finished food because it is largely destroyed when heated during food production.

Last but not least, it includes AniForte® 4in1 Complete Cat Jerusalem artichoke, which is rich in inulin and maintains the normal bacterial flora in the digestive system.

AniForte® 4in1 Complete Cat provides your house cat with valuable vital substances to support their health. It not only helps maintain the immune system, but also supports the joy of movement and active gastrointestinal activity. It is manufactured according to the highest quality requirements and can easily be mixed into your cat's daily food.

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