It's a pity, but sometimes some of our food tins arrive with more or less severe dents. We are aware that such a can is not a pretty sight and could give the impression that the inner quality is also impaired.

Let us explain to you how such dents can occur and why you don't have to worry about the quality of the contents. The inner quality counts and we take a close look at dented cans.

How do dented cans occur?

We are committed to ensuring that only undamaged cans, securely packed and protected by suitable filling material, are shipped. As soon as the parcels are handed over to the shipping service provider, their handling is no longer in our hands. Therefore, despite all our care, it can happen that the tins arrive dented during transportation.

The shipping service providers naturally try to transport the parcels as gently as possible - but sometimes they don't. Sometimes gravity causes pressure to be exerted on the cans during unloading due to a lack of time, resulting in damage.

Perhaps you have already watched a documentary about the processes in parcel centers and during delivery.

We do not want to criticize any shipping service provider and leave you room for further interpretation based on your experiences.

The shipping carton is not damaged, but the box is dented. Why?

Thebest way to explain this is with an example:

When you buy eggs in a supermarket, it is possible that some eggs are damaged in the packaging, even though the packaging is undamaged. This happens because the packaging is flexible and the contents are rigid. If there are two cans on top of each other, the weight of the upper can also affects the lower can. Even a slight drop can lead to dents.

Will I receive a replacement delivery?

In the event of severe damage to the product, such as creases or tears, you will receive a replacement delivery as quickly as possible, provided the product is in stock. The best way to do this is to contact our customer service team as follows:

Phone: +49 (0) 2163 57 25 080
Abroad: +49 2163 57250888

Can food be fed from dented cans?

Unopened cans can generally be fed without hesitation. The freshness and shelf life of the contents are not affected by a small dent.
As long as the can has no sharp-edged tears or creases, the food can be fed without worry.

Can I return dented cans?

Every customer can make use of their right of withdrawal and return their order within 14 days . Accordingly, you can also make use of this right and return your order if the can is dented.

However, for the sake of the environment , you should be careful not to exercise this right if it is a cosmetic defect rather than a quality defect.

Who bears the return costs for dented cans?

As with other returns within the withdrawal period, we will bear the return costs.

You can find out more about this on the homepage under "Returns acceptance" to create a free returns label.

How long does the processing take?

We will process your return as quickly as possible once we have received the package. After checking the returned products, we will refund the purchase price via the payment method used for the order if the complaint is justified.