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Short vacation with the dog

For many families, the dog is a permanent member of the family. A short vacation with a dog is a great break from the hectic pace of everyday life. With certain tricks, you can ensure a relaxing vacation for humans and animals.

A short vacation with a dog doesn't have to be stressful. With a few tricks, you can ensure a relaxing vacation for both humans and animals.

For many families, the dog a permanent member of the family. That's why summer vacations would be unthinkable without man's best friend. But a short vacation with your dog is also a great break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Once you have found a suitable dog-friendly destination, the next step is to find the best way to get there. The most pet-friendly travel option is probably traveling by car.

Advantages of traveling by car on a short vacation with your dog

If you travel by car, you can decide when and how long you want to take a break. This means you can go for a short walk with your four-legged friend and both of you can take a breather. You remain flexible and are not dependent on the often strict requirements of trains or airlines.

What to look out for

The basic rule is: the dog should be stowed in the car in such a way that neither the animal nor the passengers are endangered during the journey. The safest way to transport your dog is in a suitable transport box. This should be secured in the trunk so that the dog is not affected in the event of heavy braking. To avoid nervousness, the animal should already be accustomed to the transport box and driving in advance. It is therefore advisable for the dog to be able to call the crate home permanently. If you don't have a crate and don't want to buy one for your short vacation, it is advisable to take a dog cushion or blanket with you in the car. You should also have a dog seat belt as a safety measure. Because not only two-legged friends should be strapped in, but also the four-legged passengers. This allows the dog to relax during the journey and get a taste of home at the vacation destination. During the journey, draughts should be avoided as far as possible. Draughts could damage your dog's eyes and should therefore be kept to a minimum. If you are going on a short vacation by car to the sea in summer, you should avoid congested areas. The oppressive heat is not good for the health of either humans or animals.

During breaks at rest stops, you should never leave your dog alone in the car, whether parked in the sun or not. Even if you are traveling at other times of the year, you should not leave your dog unattended in the car. This could pose a risk of danger. Remember to bring a bowl or similar for water. Because panting makes you thirsty! If you want to take a longer break for lunch or something similar, it is advisable to look for a restaurant away from the highway. This way, your faithful companion can join you in the restaurant or relax with you on the terrace. Plan enough time for your arrival and departure and remember: the journey is the reward!

Traveling outside your own country's borders

If you are planning a short vacation with your dog outside of Germany, there are a few additional things you should consider or pack with you. You should research the entry regulations for the country in question in advance. You should pack a vaccination certificate and/or border documents as well as any insurance numbers or the address of the liability insurance company. When researching the entry regulations of the destination country, don't forget the countries you are traveling through or stopping over in.

Belgium: Veterinary certificates of rabies vaccination should be available. The vaccination should be one month before entry and not older than one year.

Denmark: Also a veterinary certificate of vaccination, which certifies that the animal was vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days before entry and more than 1 year before entry. Since 2010, several dog breeds are no longer allowed to enter Denmark, e.g. Pitbull Terriers, Tornjaks, Kangals or Boerboels are not allowed to enter Denmark.

Switzerland: Anyone wishing to enter Switzerland should also be able to present a veterinary certificate with the necessary rabies vaccinations.

Anyone with a fighting dog should be aware that entry into certain countries is not possible. The provisions of the EU pet passport have been in force since the beginning of the year. You should therefore inform yourself accordingly before you travel.

That little moment of relaxation during your travel adventure

In addition to all the preparations and planning for a successful vacation, there are often moments when your dog also needs a little time out. This is exactly where the AniForte® Relax-Snack comes into play. Comparable to our relaxing afternoon tea or coffee, this snack offers four-legged friends a little oasis of peace in between. Consisting of juicy chicken with an impressive meat content of 89%, it is not just your pet's palate that will be spoiled. The unique composition of medicinal herbs, which includes valerian, hops, lemon balm and passion flower, provides additional relaxation. Especially when traveling or in a new environment, this can help to calm the dog and give him a moment of peace. The Relax Snack is also free from gluten and cereals, making it well tolerated by almost every dog's stomach. So as well as the dog cushion, blanket and safety harness, pack the AniForte® Relax-Snack and offer your faithful companion a special treat during the journey or after an active day at the vacation destination.

Recommendations for possible destinations for a short break with your dog

For a short break with a dog, it is advisable to choose a destination that is not too far away. The Baltic and North Sea, Bavaria, the Black Forest or the Dutch coast are easy to reach. A beach vacation with your dog is not only a great experience for dogs! If you want to take a short break with your loved ones over Easter, you can relax and unwind on long walks along the Baltic Sea beach. Book a dog-friendly vacation apartment and take a relaxed approach to everyday life. In spring it can be over 20 degrees. That's not enough for swimming, except for the hardy, but the animals can let off steam on the beautiful dog beaches and enjoy the first rays of spring sunshine. If you prefer the mountains, Bavaria is your favorite vacation destination. Here you can go on an exciting hike in beautiful accommodation on Lake Constance or in the Allgäu. Your dog can have a wonderful time here. Make sure you observe the local regulations on compulsory leashes!

With a little planning and preparation, you can organize a wonderful short break with your dog. Observe the legal and local regulations and talk to your vet if necessary. vet if you are unsure.