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Quarantine with a dog - What to do if your owner can't go out?

What should I do with my dog if I have to go into quarantine? In contrast to the curfew, there is a strict ban on going outside under quarantine regulations.

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The current situation and the necessary measures against the coronavirus are not only affecting our daily lives, but also our pets, especially dogs. Quite a few people are now asking themselves the question: What should I do with my dog if I have to go into quarantine? In contrast to the curfew, there is a strict ban on going outside during quarantine. Even the small round with the appropriate natural treats around the block is then canceled. We give you tips on how to get through curfew and quarantine with your four-legged friend in a relaxed manner and how you and your dog can remain best friends even during the coronavirus crisis.

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Make sure you have food reserves

Not only do we need to be provided with food during quarantine, our four-legged friends should also be stocked up on enough food. We therefore recommend always having at least a one-week to ten-day supply of dog food in the house.

If you run out of food during quarantine, you can easily buy dry dog food or have it brought to you by your personal shopper.

Alternatively, many dog stores offer a dog food subscription subscription. This means you no longer have to worry about getting your food delivered on time. You are also not dependent on other people during quarantine and can easily look after your dog yourself.

Caring for your dog during quarantine

If you are actually in quarantine, you are only allowed to stay on your property and in your home. However, your pets are not in quarantine, they may and must continue to go out into the fresh air. You have the following alternatives if you are unable to walk your dog yourself:

Ask trusted people: You can ask people you trust to walk the dog. However, make sure that you avoid physical contact when handing over the lead.

Hunde mit Frauchen auf dem Boden sitzend

Ask neighbors: Perhaps you have good contacts with one or two neighbors and can ask them for help. They often already know your dog and the four-legged friend is also familiar with the people in the neighborhood. However, it is best to contact them by phone and avoid personal contact.

Book a dog-walking service: Many places offer a so-called dog walking service. Dog lovers offer their services on various portals, from dog care and walking services to dog schools and dog training.

If you are looking for support on dog walking portals, make sure that you contact verified dog walkers. You can quickly recognize them by the corresponding ID. You can also see from reviews whether a dog walker is trustworthy.

If you are not sure, you can also contact dog clubs in your area. They usually know a reliable dog walking service.

Keep your dog busy in the garden and at home: If you have a garden, you have a clear advantage here. The dog can run around in the garden and get some fresh air at the same time. There are also numerous ways to keep your dog busy in the garden: from agility and fetch games to search games.

But there are also plenty of simple ways to keep your dog busy, especially mentally, within your own four walls. However, these domestic activities do not replace daily walks. They are merely an addition to keep your dog occupied and stimulated.

As you can see, despite quarantine, curfews and the like, there are plenty of ways to give your four-legged friend the exercise they need. In our article 10 tips on how to keep your dog busy at home, we give you practical play and fun instructions on how to use simple tricks to keep your four-legged friend busy and give him little adventures within your own four walls.

Quarantine - How does my dog get to the vet?

If you are in quarantine, you are not allowed to leave the house under any circumstances, except in your own garden. This becomes problematic if your pet has to go to the vet. If it is an emergency, you should contact a veterinary clinic or your vet directly to discuss how to proceed.

In such emergencies, it is also good to have a trusted person who would take the animal to the vet or clinic in an emergency. However, we do not recommend postponing acute visits to the vet until after the quarantine period.

If your pet has suffered a scratch and needs to be bandaged, you should always have a first aid kit for animals in the house for such cases. The following are also suitable for treating wounds Silver water spraywhich cleanses and cares for the skin.

Behavior when walking during a curfew

Dogs are used to regular walks, and they need them. In particular, active breeds such as hunting, herding and sled dogs need a lot of exercise and exercise. During a curfew, outdoor exercise is still permitted, so there are no restrictions on walking your dog. However, you should also observe a few rules during a curfew:

Social contact-free walk: walking your dog in larger walking groups is not permitted. Only people from the same household are allowed to go outside with your four-legged friend. For your own protection, you should avoid any social contact when walking your dog.

Keep your distance from other walkers: When walking your dog, it is best to ensure that you keep a minimum distance of two meters from other pet owners. If possible, keep out of the way of other dog walkers. This is because the leads can quickly become tangled when dogs come into contact with each other and owners are forced to come closer to each other.

Avoid walking during rush hour: You probably know this too, there are times when almost all dog owners are out and about, including you. It is therefore best to choose times of day that are not so busy. This is the best way to avoid running into other people and animals. The most popular times are in the morning after the first meal and in the evening after dinner.

Walks in spacious areas: The larger and more spacious the area, the less contact you will have with other pet owners. This not only protects you, but also other people.