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Puppy training is important

Puppies are cute, which is why they are loved by everyone and puppy training is essential. If you want your dog to behave well later on, you need to start training it early.

Puppy training is essential. If you want your dog to behave well later on, you need to start training early.

Puppies are cute, which is why they are loved by everyone. Between the 8th and 11th week, puppies also love us humans. It doesn't matter who it is. He loves his mistress, master and also strangers with whom he comes into contact. He loves everyone in his personal environment, so to speak. However, at the beginning of the 12th week of life, the puppy forms firm bonds. Either to a single person, the dog owner, or to other family members in the same household who take intensive care of him. Now is the time to make it clear to the puppy who the leader is. The puppy must therefore know exactly who leads the pack and who he can trust without hesitation. Rules to be followed for a functioning coexistence between humans and animals are immensely important. The rules laid down by the "lead wolf" must be consistently adhered to and implemented. Deviations will only confuse the puppy. This is where the consistent puppy training of the young animal begins. The human pack leader is in charge, he decides when to play and when to eat. This is also part of puppy training. If the puppy's owner lives alone, the question of the pack leader does not even arise. However, if the puppy lives in a family, all members must pull together when it comes to puppy training. If just one member of the family does not follow the rules, there will be problems with puppy training. Make sure that your child is very careful not to let the new family pet get away with anything that the pack leader forbids. This confuses the puppy and it does not know how to behave as a rule. Training a puppy is like training a human: the tone, or rather the tone of voice, is decisive. Commands to be learned are spoken in a firm voice, praise in a sweet voice. A stern tone of voice is used to reprimand the young animal during puppy training. Please don't lose your temper immediately if the puppy doesn't listen to new commands straight away. Yelling at or hitting the puppy is completely unsuitable as a training method, as this will not teach the puppy when it is worth obeying. Only the reward method will help. Praising the puppy is much more effective than shouting at it out of impatience. Only praise leads to lasting success in puppy training. However, proper puppy training should not be based exclusively on the bribe method with snacks method. A dog is just as happy to be stroked in combination with words of praise as it is to receive tempting treats. The young dog also enjoys playing together during puppy training. Get suitable puppy toys so that your little one doesn't gnaw on everything.

Puppy training - step by step

You need to be patient when training a puppy, as the little one is still too distracted and overwhelmed by too many new commands. As a rule, puppies can only concentrate for five to ten minutes at a time. So when training your puppy, set aside several training sessions a day. These can be gradually extended in order to make faster progress. At around six months of age, the young dog will be able to concentrate for half an hour a day. However, if you notice that your dog is scratching, yawning or lying down, this is a clear sign that puppy training is too demanding. If this is the case, simply lie down on the floor next to your dog. This is also known as contact lying. Contact lying strengthens trust and gives the dog a feeling of security. Anyone who takes over puppy training from the family should have a balanced and patient nature themselves. Parts of obedience in dogs are determined by habit, not exclusively by training. The young dog should be trained at every opportunity, regardless of location, because it is particularly important in puppy training that the dog does not associate learned exercises with specific places. When training puppies, commands must be clear right from the start. This works extremely well in conjunction with a hand signal. This is very effective because the animal can recognize the hand signal even from a distance and react to it immediately. If it is a command, the hand signal must be given before the command. The general rule for puppy training is that desired behavior is immediately rewarded with praise or petting, while undesired behavior is ignored, not punished. And don't feel sorry just because the little one is so trollishly cute, consistent behavior is the focus of puppy training.

Puppy training - young dogs Understand correctly

When training a puppy, never forget that a young dog is not a child. It is and remains an animal. It does not understand the spoken word like a child does. A dog recognizes what its owner wants from it by its gestures, facial expressions and tone of voice. Good communication between humans and animals is of immense importance, especially when training puppies. Training problems only arise with young dogs if human standards are applied to a dog's behavior. Very important! Only if you catch a dog in the act of an undesirable action should you "punish" it. For example, if you come home from work and the little one has broken something he shouldn't have, please don't scold him. He wouldn't understand at the time. The little one is happy that you are finally home and is scolded for it. The connection between the action and the punishment must be absolutely clear to the puppy. Nibbling on heels and calves must also be discouraged as part of puppy training. This works best if you shout loudly and stop playing with him immediately. If you don't do this, the little one will grab more and more when playing because there are no consequences. If he doesn't stop, turn your back on him and ignore the puppy. Consistent puppy training requires a lot of patience and time, as the young dog has to learn many things in the first few months of its life. Right from the start, the puppy must be taught not to jump up on other people. A dog should also learn to stay alone for a longer period of time without howling. Otherwise it could quickly get into trouble with the neighbors. So put all your patience and energy into puppy training to ensure stress-free coexistence for you and your darling. It's worth it!