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Clicker training for dogs

If you want to train your dog properly, you can positively influence its behavior with clicker training for dogs. Clicker training for dogs is a proven method of training and education that is becoming increasingly popular.

Clicker training for dogs is becoming more and more popular. Get to know the possibilities and advantages of clicker training.

If you want to train your dog properly, you can use clicker training for dogs to positively influence their behavior. Clicker training for dogs is a proven method of training and education that is becoming increasingly popular. Clicker training for dogs can be carried out both at home and in a professional dog school. The proven training method is based on findings from animal behavior research. The method of positive reinforcement is also used with humans. Clicker training for dogs has been practiced in America for many years. However, this training method is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. Anyone who acquires a dog would do well to train it correctly from the outset. A disobedient dog means stress in everyday life and this should be avoided as far as possible. Animals want to learn. They also need to be challenged, otherwise they could become frustrated at some point.

Clicker training with dogs - using newly learned skills many times over

With clicker training for dogs, you can train different areas and decide for yourself where and how you want to use the clicker as a marker. Clicker training with dogs is suitable for retrieving, for example, but the clicker is also ideal for other dog games. Clicker training supports and promotes the complete education of the animal. It is also used by dog owners for agility or mantrailing. Once the dog has got to know the clicker, it can be used in many areas of training.

How does clicker training work with dogs?

In clicker training for dogs, generally accepted learning methods are transferred to the world of dogs, where they are also effective. Based on positive reinforcement, the dog's correct behavior is rewarded. If the animal receives rewarding, positive consequences from its behavior, for example in the form of a treat, it will repeat this correct behavior again and again because it associates it with a reward. If you love your dog, it is easier to reward the right behavior than to punish the wrong one. However, wrong behaviour must be punished consistently, otherwise the animal will not be able to recognize it as such. The dog is stressed by a punishment and for this reason alone, clicker training is ideal for the dog to avoid unnecessary stressful situations. People and animals have more fun living together when the dog is properly trained. In this respect, clicker training with dogs is an easy and supportive training method for the owner.

Clicker training with dogs - being quick is a must in clicker training

There is one thing you need to know when clicker training with a dog: Dogs can only remember their own behavior for about a second. For this simple reason, the animal is unable to associate its behavior with a reward for longer. This means that it has received a treat in order to receive positive reinforcement and wants to catch the next one for no reason, because it often no longer knows what it actually received the reward for. This is where the clicker comes in. If the dog shows the desired behavior, the clicker must be used immediately! Basically, the clicker is the reward, which he can then immediately combine with the snacks in connection with the snacks. So click and then reward the dog immediately. This is the only way for the animal to associate the clicker sound with a positive consequence. He learns that something good for him usually follows the clicker. Once you have successfully practiced clicker training with your dog, training your dog becomes much easier.

Clicker training for dogs - dogs can learn to learn with clicker training

With educational clicker training for dogs, the animal has the opportunity to learn to learn in a positive way. This works with any dog, regardless of whether it is a puppies or a senior dog is involved. Clicker training only reinforces his behavior, he does not receive any physical or verbal correction of his behavior. This positive training method is also very suitable for anxious dogs that have had bad experiences with people in the past. Dogs in particular, who generally do not want to be touched by people, can make good progress in learning and behavior with clicker training for dogs. A clicker does not punish, but acts as a positive mediator between animal and human. This is the only way to make learning fun for the dog, as it does not have to fear any punishment. Both humans and animals have a lot of fun with this learning system.

The special thing about clicker training with dogs

Clicker training with dogs means that no animal has to fear negative consequences. Once it has learned, any punishment is taboo and its life becomes less stressful. With clicker training for dogs, they enjoy relaxed dog training, which is associated with pleasant work for them. Another positive effect: clicker training makes the relationship between dog owner and four-legged friend more trusting and intensive. The dog knows that the owner is not the one punishing him. In the dog's eyes, he is the one who rewards him. The dog also learns to think for itself and is additionally challenged in its everyday life. Clicker training with the dog makes the most difficult tasks easier to master. Positive learning methods are always better than negative punishment methods.

Clicker training with your dog - inform first, then start

Before you start clicker training your dog yourself, you should find out all you can about it. You can find qualified literature about clicker training with dogs on the internet or in specialist shops. Many dog owners are enthusiastic about this positive training method because they achieve great success with it. Dog schools also offer seminars for dog owners on this topic. It is not compulsory, but it is advisable to book a course on clicker training with dogs, as these courses are a good introduction to a successful training method. They also offer an insight into training with the clicker. If you have decided to use clicker training with your dog, you will of course also need a suitable clicker. These are available from specialist dog stores. However, other sounds that you can use to set a marker for your dog's correct behavior also work in clicker training with dogs. Ultimately, the only thing that counts is the success you achieve together with your dog in a positive way.