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Flatulence in dogs

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What to do if your dog has flatulence?

Flatulence in dogs, also known as bloating. Flatulence, is an excess of gas in the intestines. It is not a disease, but a symptom of various causes.

Flatulence causes noises in the digestive tract: you probably know the feeling of rumbling in the stomach. The same thing happens with our four-legged friends. Dogs have to fart so that the gas can escape and not build up. This is a purely natural process. Once excess intestinal winds have escaped, the intestines relax and the four-legged friend's discomfort is relieved.

If the air does not escape from the dog's stomach, it can even lead to cramps and pain in the stomach. If your dog has constantly recurring flatulence, you should look for the cause.

Note: The advice and assistance in this article is not a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment by a vet or veterinary practitioner.

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