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Overweight dog: reasons and solutions

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A treat here, a reward morsel there - we all like to spoil our four-legged friends. But before you know it, your four-legged friend has put on a little too much winter fat. Our veterinary practitioner Angelica explains how to get rid of unnecessary and unhealthy excess weight in dogs and which food is best to avoid.

Facts about obesity in dogs

With an active four-legged friend, a treat or two certainly won't do any harm. However, if you overdo it, your pet will put on a few pounds in the long run. Feeding from the table is also popular, but this promotes obesity in dogs and should therefore be avoided. This is because more than 35% of all dogs and cats in Germany already have too much on their ribs. This particularly affects older animals. Being overweight (obesity) is therefore not uncommon, but unfortunately it is also not without danger for your pet. But why is obesity becoming more common in dogs?

AniForte®️ supports you in the fight against obesity in dogs

Our team of veterinary practitioners and animal nutritionists are always on hand with tips and tricks to help you fight obesity in dogs. What's more, at AniForte®️ you and your furry friend will not only find expert advice, but also everything else that contributes to your four-legged friend's health and happiness in a natural way!