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Cat scratches itself constantly

Is your cat constantly scratching itself? We explain why!

When we say here that cats are devoted to their fur and body care, we're probably not telling you anything new. Is your cat scratching all the time? This is often no longer part of the animal's normal grooming routine. If your cat scratches excessively, you should definitely check where the itching is coming from. There can be many causes of itching in cats. For example, an inflammation or parasites such as ear mites can cause your cat to itch. Is your cat constantly scratching and you don't really know what could be causing it? Then we at AniForte would like to give you some clues in this article. When it comes to scratching, the first thing to say is that both humans and cats need to scratch occasionally. This is a completely normal and natural process. Is your cat constantly scratching itself and, in the worst case, has it even scratched itself sore? In this case, there may actually be something more serious behind your cat's itching.

Cat is constantly scratching: Recognizing itching in cats

If your cat only scratches now and again, then this is, as mentioned above, completely normal behavior. However, if your cat feels severe itching, then the scratching is taking on unnatural forms. If you ignore this warning sign, it can even happen that your cat scratches itself sore or bloody. But it doesn't have to come to that. There are a few signs by which you can easily recognize that your cat is suffering from itching.

Cat is constantly scratching: Signs that something is wrong

Is your cat constantly scratching and can you also observe the following behaviors? Then you can be sure that something is wrong. - Areas of skin that are hairless and/or reddened - Constant flapping of the ears due to discomfort. The flapping of the ears indicates an unhappy state of mind, which is directly related to the itching - The affected areas are nibbled and licked - If the cat suffers from itching in the ears, frequent head shaking can be observed

The cat scratches itself constantly: These could be the possible causes

If your cat is constantly scratching, this can have various causes. The most common causes of itching in cats are as follows:

- Parasites in cats

- Psychological causes such as stress

- infections

- Metabolic disorders or autoimmune diseases

- Allergies to pollen, dust or animal feed

The cat's ear itches: What could be the cause?

If your cat is constantly scratching its head, it is probably your cat's ears that are affected. An initially harmless cause that can trigger the itching is excessive earwax. You can easily tell whether this is actually the problem. A close look at your cat's ears is all it takes. If there is an excessive amount of earwax, this can be recognized by a dark and greasy coating. If you do not intervene at this point, you run the risk of an inflammation developing. To avoid this, you should clean your cat's ears thoroughly. This is easy and convenient with our ear cleaning pads. However, these are only suitable for cleaning the outer ear. For a more thorough cleaning, you can use the chamomile ear cleaner. With this extra mild cleanser, you can clean your pet's ears regularly without worrying. The mild formula not only ensures gentle cleaning, but also provides an extra portion of care. You can also use the AniForte ear cleaner with camomile. This natural ear cleaner is not only suitable for cats, but also for dogs and horses. Earwax, dirt and incrustations are gently removed with this natural product. The chamomile it contains can help to relieve itching. If there is already an unpleasant odor coming from your cat's ears, it is highly likely that an inflammation has already developed. In this case, you should definitely take your cat to a vet so that they can have their ears professionally cleaned. This will prevent permanent damage such as deafness.

Your cat is constantly scratching its ears: Ear mites could be a reason

If your cat suffers from particularly severe itching around the ears, this is often caused by ear mites. Ear mites are usually responsible for around half of all ear infections. The cat finds the itching caused by these parasites so unpleasant that it not only scratches itself constantly, but also turns in circles in an uncoordinated manner. In most cases, outdoor cats are more frequently affected by ear mites than indoor cats. The reason for this is that the parasites are easily transmitted from animal to animal. However, as they are not fur mites, they cannot be transmitted to humans. If you notice a black, crumbly secretion in your cat's ears, this could be ear mites. If a vet confirms this, you can clean your cat's ears with our ear mite oil. This is a multi-purified and odorless kerosene oil. The ear mite oil can also be used on dogs and rodents. Using it in combination with our chamomile ear cleaner has also proved effective.

Itching: not just a problem for cats

Is your cat constantly scratching and you suffer with it? We understand this and therefore offer you natural support of the highest quality. But it's not just our house pets that suffer from annoying itching from time to time. Dogs and horses can also be affected by itching under certain circumstances. Perhaps you have a dog that is plagued by itching from time to time? In this case, we would like to recommend our organic coconut oil. Not only is it skin-friendly and suitable for all breeds, but it can also be used to treat itching. As a horse owner, you may be familiar with mauke. Your horse may have been or is affected by this bacterial skin inflammation. If you are looking for natural support, then take a look at our Mauke formula. This herbal mixture is a high-quality feed supplement that supports your horse's skin and metabolic function in a completely natural way.

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