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Cats eye watering - This helps!

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Have you noticed that your beloved cat's eyes are watering? For many, this is worrying - because it can also be a sign of health problems.

We look at the symptoms, possible causes, treatments and preventative measures you can take to help your cat with watery eyes.

These are the symptoms that can occur in cats

If your cat has watery eyes, the first thing you'll probably notice is a wet trail under the eyes. This may occur occasionally or be constant. Sometimes redness or swelling is also visible. Eye discharge is extremely common. The secretion is often clear and watery.

Because irritated eyes often lead to unpleasant itching, cats tend to scratch or clean their eyes more often.

Is your cat's eye only watering on one side?

This could indicate a foreign body in the eye. With an irritated eye, the conjunctiva is often reddened, sometimes even swollen. We recommend a visit to the vet to be on the safe side.

Why your cat's eye is watering

  • Allergies: Just like us humans, cats can also have allergic reactions to their environment, such as to pollen
  • Infections: Eye inflammation or conjunctivitis can be caused by bacteria or viruses, where the secretion becomes mucousy-white to yellowish-purulent
  • Sand and dust: Impurities can irritate the eyes and make it easier for unwanted bacteria to penetrate and colonize
  • Blocked tear ducts: This is a particular issue in Persians and other flat-faced breeds
  • Serious health problems: Sometimes watery eyes are a symptom of more complex conditions

If painful inflammation is the cause, it is often apparent that the affected four-legged friends are very sensitive to light and squint their eyes.

How to stop the watering of the eyes

The treatment now depends on the different causes. Antihistamines can help with allergies, while infections are often treated with antibiotics. Seek the advice of a vet for this.

If you suspect that your cat's nasolacrimal ducts are blocked, you can have them flushed by a vet.

What home remedies for watery eyes in cats?

If you notice that your cat has watery eyes, you can gently help them with a clean, lint-free cloth and some lukewarm water. This loving gesture not only cleanses her eye, but can also relieve the unpleasant itching.

What helps to prevent watery eyes?

To remove incrustations and secretions that irritate sensitive cat eyes, we recommend gentle eye care to keep the sensitive eyes clean and remove dirt from the eyelids and eyelid margins.

Here is eyebright is a tried and tested medicinal herb that is based on nature-identical substances, contains no fragrances or PEGs and is specially adapted to the eyes of animals.

Preventive measures are crucial for maintaining cats' eye health. Regular cleaning and care of the eyes with, for example Aniforte Gentle Eye Care can help to prevent irritation and infections. The good tolerance for use and prevention is particularly appreciated and loved.