Trockenfutter Rind Mini - AniForte
Trockenfutter Rind Mini - AniForte
Trockenfutter Rind Mini - AniForte
Trockenfutter Rind Mini - AniForte
Trockenfutter Rind Mini - AniForte
Trockenfutter Rind Mini - AniForte
Dry food beef mini

Dry food beef mini

High-quality premium food for small dogs

Grain-free & gluten-free

Fresh & high-quality meat

Without artificial additives

No preservatives

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Dry food beef mini for small dogs

AniForte® Dry Food Beef Mini is a high-quality premium dog food and consists of beef, carrots, potatoes and fennel. Cranberries and various herbs, together with the intestine-friendly Jerusalem artichoke, conjure up an appetizing meal for your dog.

  • Perfect kibble size for all small dog breeds
  • Unique recipe with beef, potato and carrots
  • Grain-free
  • High proportion of high-quality beef
  • Extra portion of omega-3 extract to support vitality

Our tasty recipe for dogs with special requirements is ideal for dogs of all breeds as well as young and old dogs. The extremely well-tolerated meal is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. With the AniForte ® dry food , we also rely on natural ingredients that are perfectly tailored to your dog's needs. AniForte® Beef dry food is highly digestible and well tolerated due to the type of protein it contains and the selected vegetables. It is a good alternative for allergy sufferers and dogs with sensitive stomachs.

The secret of our AniForte® quality is the proportion of high-quality beef, which is produced to the highest standard. The ingredients are processed as quickly as possible to preserve their freshness and natural vitamins. This means that all the valuable ingredients that make up a high-quality diet for your four-legged friend are almost completely preserved.

Our AniForte® Dry Food Beef Mini is designed for adult dogs, but you can also feed it to your puppy or young dog. However, we recommend combining it with our Junior Active to cover the increased nutritional requirements of growing young dogs. If you moisten the dry food slightly, the powder adheres well to the small Crocs and can be ingested without any problems.

Our AniForte® products are produced using only the best ingredients and developed in close cooperation with vets, veterinary practitioners and nutritionists.

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