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Clicker training for cats

For cat lovers, clicker training with a cat will seem like a contradiction at first glance. Cats of all things, these headstrong animals, whose independence is particularly appreciated, should be able to be trained successfully?

Clicker training for cats is in vogue. Train your cat and preserve the animal's individuality at the same time.

For cat lovers, clicker training with a cat will seem like a contradiction at first glance. Cats of all things, these headstrong animals, whose independence is particularly appreciated, should you be able to train them successfully? Is it even possible to control a cat's personality with clicker training, or even turn it into an obedient puppet? These justified concerns are superfluous, because with clicker training for cats these are no longer problems. The graceful cat on velvet paws is not forced to do anything, as it decides of its own free will whether it wants to take part or not. The animal never has to reckon with negative consequences. However, clicker training for cats is a suitable way of keeping them occupied and building up a more intensive bond with them. Clicker training for cats also helps them to overcome their fears, which are particularly prevalent during veterinary treatment. This makes her more relaxed and she learns to accept being touched by other people, for example when the family comes to visit at Christmas . But first and foremost, clicker training with a cat is also fun for the animal, because cats like to play. Clicker training with a cat follows simple rules. These are reliable and easy to understand. The rule of thumb is that the cat can manipulate its environment through its behavior during training. This means that the animal can have an active say in what happens to it and around it. This strengthens their self-confidence, helps to prevent unpleasant behavioral problems and corresponds to their individual nature.

Clicker training for cats - what is clicker training anyway?

Clicker training is an educational method that was developed back in the middle of the 20th century. The method was originally used with dolphins. Dolphins cannot be trained in the way that was prevalent at the time, with punishment, like dogs or horses, for example. In this respect, any physical influence was ruled out even then. Dolphins cannot be put on a leash, nor can they be pushed through a hoop by force. This is also not possible with cats. It was therefore necessary to find another method. Based on the discovery of behavioral researchers, the clicker method was developed to teach dolphins something. Based on training with dolphins, dog trainers initially adopted this successful positive educational method. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine life without clicker training. The non-violent, respectful education of animals can be successfully applied through efficient training. In the meantime, clicker training for cats has also gained a good reputation among their owners. It greatly enriches the coexistence of humans and animals. Clicker training with cats is very easy to use because it works just like in nature. The cat notices quite quickly that a certain behavior brings it success. It will then repeat it. For example, if the cat has successfully jumped to catch prey, it will naturally continue to pursue this strategy. The same applies to domestic cats. If it realizes that it actually only has to scratch at a door to get it opened by a human, the animal will show exactly this behaviour in future to be let in or out. Only the success of the cat's own will is decisive here, not the wishes of the human. And this is exactly where clicker training for cats comes in. It gives the animal the right signal that its activity is worthwhile. This is done quite simply with the clicker, which produces a "click-clack" sound in the animal's ears as soon as you press it with your finger. So don't ask yourself why such a sound should signal the desired success to the cat. In fact, the clicker noise alone would not be rewarding for the headstrong cat. But if it reacts to it, it will receive a reward in the form of tasty food. And that is what motivates the cat.

Clicker training for cats - how does it work?

In clicker training with cats, the first thing you teach the animal is that the click is followed by a tasty reward. The animal then learns that it triggers the click through its own behavior and gets something good in return. When clicker training with a cat, the animal quickly finds out which behavior is rewarding. Accordingly, it will display exactly the behavior to be rewarded. This is the only way to teach a cat a lot. With clicker training, the cat learns on a voluntary basis and without any coercion. This makes punishment completely superfluous. Clicker training with a cat brings variety into its everyday life. This is particularly important for indoor cats, as their lives are often very monotonous. But clicker training also makes sense for animals that can leave the house. Another advantage is obvious. Clicker training with cats provides an extended communication opportunity. This type of training method gives the cat the opportunity to communicate. Clicker training with cats is a new language through which humans and animals can communicate. The cat speaks through its actions and its owner through clicking. Clicker training with cats is therefore purely relationship work. The cat can grow considerably through intensive training and develop its natural strength strength. The clear rules of the game during training make the human an absolutely reliable partner for the animal. Trust will grow quickly through clicker training with the cat. When training with the clicker, you don't even have to touch the stubborn animal. This is a great advantage, especially with shy cats. This training method is particularly suitable for branded cats from animal shelters who are reluctant to be touched. Cats that have little self-confidence will quickly gain the confidence they need thanks to the frequent successes of clicker training. The training method also ensures that the animals are more balanced, as they have to switch on their heads. The cat will very quickly develop a basic sense of contentment and harmony. All these positive side effects can have an impact on the animal's health. With clicker training for cats, you can basically achieve anything. At least what a cat is capable of in everyday life.